Fran and I have been using a shared .txt in Dropbox to plan itineraries for our various cultural exchanges around the UK, to ensure that we don’t forget to go to armouries and chocolate factories and such. As I’ll be visiting her in Japan at some to-be-arranged point in the next year, we’re using it for that too (everything below the Mikasa is her.)

I’m pretty sure reading this has had a significant subconscious effect, as I had a dream last night in which I was in Japan with her and all we did was buy food. The location was a weird mashup between a market and the air force museum at Monino, with people selling noodles and things out of the engine intakes of fighter jets. 

We just ate food. The whole time. It was admittedly amazing. At one point, a highly enthusiastic Senor Chang sold us boxed lunches. She told him he wasn’t even Japanese, but the boxes were delicious.

Just before waking up I also had to forcibly restrain her from going into a shop with a sign saying WAGONLOAD OF EROTIC CAKES SUPER CHEAP, but that’s actually a pretty realistic and normal scenario.

(hay I had a dream involving you, that makes it tru luv 5ever rite bbz?)


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