Cantrix: I’m sure I’ve asked you this before, but have you ever tried skiing at all?
Cantrix: I know you don’t generally, I just wasn’t sure if you’d had a go
Brosencrantz: I tried it once ages ago and sucked, but I’d like to give it a proper shot!
Brosencrantz: I went on one skiing holiday with a school friend when I was like 13, I definitely preferred the toboggan, I kept falling over and twisting my ankle in skis
Brosencrantz: we were staying with his uncle in Austria
Brosencrantz: his uncle had a cool lodger called Gunther who was meant to be working at the ski lodge but just sat around all day eating coco pops in his underpants
Brosencrantz: the day we left he got fired from the lodge
Brosencrantz: then he actually went outside to go skiing, and crashed into a tree and broke all his arms and legs
Brosencrantz: then he got called up for national service
Brosencrantz: such is life in Austria
Cantrix: This is not how skiing normally works.
Brosencrantz: Oh.


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