(The above video is essential to understanding this log, and it’s also brilliant of itself.)

[23:43:16] Hovercraft: http://imgur.com/a/8v63R#5hNUQ oh my
[23:43:24] Hovercraft: les ‘unks of the french resistance
[23:43:41] Brosencrantz: ooh la LA
[23:44:16] Hovercraft: http://imgur.com/a/8v63R#w5XL0 get out of there robert de niro, you’re not even french
[23:44:21] Brosencrantz: I like the top two
[23:44:36] Hovercraft: indeed
[23:44:45] Brosencrantz: bren gun vogue and mind-melding wih my thompson
[23:45:14] Brosencrantz: it hisses “deathhhhhhhh” into my ear
[23:45:32] Brosencrantz: beneath its nebulous fuzzy tache, my upper lip wibbles in joy
[23:46:40] Brosencrantz: “bren gun vogue” is going to be the name of my band
[23:47:07] Hovercraft: do you all play synth?
[23:47:18] Brosencrantz: we allllll play synth
[23:48:00] Brosencrantz: 20-20 vision shootin’ down some nazi planes
[23:48:15] Brosencrantz: brylcreem in my fringe so i look swag on all my raids
[23:48:55] Brosencrantz: I remember all the krauts in ‘40 called us names
[23:49:29] Brosencrantz: oh-oh-oh
[23:49:42] Brosencrantz: love la vie resistance
[23:50:00] Brosencrantz: all my freres are resistance too
[23:50:09] Brosencrantz: come and join la resistance
[23:50:20] Brosencrantz: haven’t you heard?
[23:50:38] Brosencrantz: etc
[23:51:57] Brosencrantz: admit it, that was good
[23:52:03] Hovercraft: “uh yeah, I’m currently writing my own magazine, and it’s all about de Gaulle”

(we’re putting on a raid at this vichy barracks
and everyone we kill won’t be going to that thing
in the middle east or north africa
or wherever)


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