[00:15:30] Hovercraft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_Finns this name just makes me think of populations of badass ghillie suited finnish snipers
[00:15:48] Hovercraft: subsisting on nuts and berries and communicating only with high-velocity rounds
[01:51:52] Brosencrantz: here we see the male has made a display of frozen russian soldiers in the hopes of attracting a mate
[01:53:00] Brosencrantz: he sits in a barely-deep-enough trench smoking a cigarette, the tiny glow the finnish equivalent of bellowing his availability to the world
[01:53:19] Hovercraft: his winter ghillie plumage is magnificent, with many beautiful hues ranging from pure white to a light grey
[01:55:17] Hovercraft: the female is more drab and conspicuous in her default navy sweatshirt and khaki trousers*
[01:56:52] Brosencrantz: if the display pleases her, she will indicate so by shooting the end off the cigarette from 800m away
[01:57:02] Brosencrantz: the male must then find her concealed position using only that one sound
[01:58:39] Brosencrantz: during the breeding season the endless snow-buried woods are filled with the amorous crack of mosin nagants and the occasional screams of dying ivans
[01:59:00] Hovercraft: if he is successful, she will accept him as her mate and the pair of them will retire to a nearby sauna
[02:06:22] Hovercraft: the young are born unable to walk, but within minutes they are able to crawl around prone, accurately judge wind speed and direction and zero a sight.

* NB: Female characters can’t equip ghillie suits in DayZ at the moment.


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