Positive: You can jimmy the little plastic colour-coding rings off replacement toothbrush heads, so although none of the replacement packs in this house have blue rings, I can still be blue. Score!

Negative: Changing the head hasn’t stopped weird grey shit appearing, so it’s either coming from my toothbrush or from my teeth.


[11:55:48 PM] Parsley: anyway i’m actually about to go to bed, i need to get up early-ish tomorrow to go to france
[11:56:10 PM] Brosencrantz: before you do
[11:56:15 PM] Brosencrantz: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maozc249aX1qigaa4o1_1280.jpg look at the man front right
[11:56:25 PM] Brosencrantz: think about him in your dreams.
[11:56:34 PM] Parsley: i’m aroused
[11:56:47 PM] Brosencrantz: I have hundreds like him.
[11:57:02 PM] Parsley: ooohh second lieutenant oooohhhhh
[11:57:12 PM] Brosencrantz: hello parsley
[11:57:18 PM] Brosencrantz: I have just returned to base
[11:57:27 PM] Brosencrantz: and I am looking so moustachioed
[11:57:42 PM] Brosencrantz: and my giant hairy fur coat thing opened?
[11:57:51 PM] Brosencrantz: let’s do it
[11:57:59 PM] Brosencrantz: and I will leave my thigh length woolly boots on
[11:58:14 PM] Parsley: meanwhile in a 20 mile radius of this event
[11:58:42 PM] Brosencrantz: ammo randomly cooking off
[11:58:48 PM] Brosencrantz: russians getting chills
[11:58:56 PM] Parsley: it was amazing
[11:59:02 PM] Brosencrantz: the end.