prufung, prufung, eins zwei drei

Reasons for changing site fall under the heading of “stuff I’d like written down for posterity”, which these days realise is by far the strongest reason I put anything online, but blogging about blogging is always the most reprehensible and tiresome self-absorbed crap, so I’ll make this brief.

I didn’t get tired of Livejournal so much as tired of blogging, because consequences conspired to rob me of the time, energy and Stuff Going On to for serious long-form posts.  (I haven’t done one in six months, good lord.) But having broken the social ties which had kept me on the gradually more outdated and irritating-to-use LJ, at the end of last year I switched to Tumblr. This was a mistake, as Tumblr is not only a system inimical to writing anything of substance, but a really awful place in general; it’s basically Twitter, and while it lacks the character limits it’s even worse in terms of the poisonous outrage-fandom userbase or the general crushing inconsequentiality of “microblogging”. (They say a tweet is a novel when you’re being shot at. True, but unfortunately nobody’s shooting at you.)

But I want to carry this on, because my memory of the past is garbage and it’s fun to write. So, new site, new start, old posts backed up from LJ (most posts from uni are good enough for me not to wince with  embarrassment, at least), maybe I’ll be better at it this time.

Also, testing the crosspost abilities.


One thought on “prufung, prufung, eins zwei drei

  1. Nice one Jeremy. Subscribed, look forward to seeing what you produce on here! Any WordPress questions, feel free to ask :)

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