it may be too late to win, but it’s never too late to fight

Six months is a hell of a lacuna, so for the sake of posterity as much as anything else, the highlight reel:


  • finished my degree at Birmingham and graduated, with the hoped-for First.
  • started dating a small and wonderful woman who subsequently flew to the far side of the world to get away from me start a job as a JET (I’m just that great) and whose blog you can find here.
  • left the warm, modern but thoroughly lonely Mason in Edgbaston to move back into the family home in Bristol, which is unnecessarily large, ancient and colder than a witch’s tit, but I’ll very happily take bed and board for free.
  • got within stabbing range of a training contract (final round interview), but fell at the last hurdle, so still have a future of doubt and confusion (but hey, I got that close, I can do it again).
  • regardless of the above, began studying the Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP Bristol,
  • which for the uninitiated is like having your spare time hacked off and ceremonially burned, and your brain chucked into a tumbledryer full of books.

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