the inevitable “brr” post

On Thursday morning, it was bitterly cold, and a very light dusting of snow came down from a sky the colour of a Windows 95 taskbar. Weather sites proclaimed terrifying omens, doom filled the air. None of the snow settled.

On Thursday evening, everything was dry. Train companies across the South West cancelled everything, including my planned trip to Portsmouth with Bill, Ben and other Ben-acolytes. An email came in from BPP saying that due to the disruption all tutorials on Friday were cancelled, a silver lining to the (still uniform steel) sky; I didn’t need to sweat my Con & Ad prep quite so hard (and while I was strongly looking forward to the Portsmouth trip, I could probably use the extra day and a half for applications and bro-unwind-time.)

[18:49:31] Light Brigade: bloody incapable country
[19:01:05] Brosencrantz: I know right
[19:01:17] Brosencrantz: tutorials are off tomorrow
[19:01:19] Brosencrantz: what the fuck
[19:01:20] Brosencrantz: it’s just snow
[19:01:22] Brosencrantz: IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR
[19:01:27] Brosencrantz: HOW IS THIS A SURPRISE
[19:03:16] Brosencrantz: seriously this is a fucking shameful display
[19:03:21] Light Brigade: Jenna has a good theory about the trains
[19:03:34] Light Brigade: so Bristol to Salisbury uses a few DMUs
[19:03:45] Light Brigade: the EMUs into Waterloo suffer in icy conditions
[19:04:08] Light Brigade: she thinks they’re goin to steal the Bristol-Salisbury DMUs and use them to run services out of London which are more profitable
[19:04:26] Brosencrantz: that sounds plausible, not that I know shit about railways
[19:04:36] Light Brigade: never stopped me yet :D

On Thursday night I sent an email over to Japan, griping about how Britain seemed to go into a complete tizz every time this happened; after seeing how Tendo didn’t even NOTICE inches and inches, it was just plain embarrassing, and how really, after all this fuss we’d better get some serious goddamn snow.

On Friday morning, this was the view from my house.

I suppose that will suffice.


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