maybe it was lyndon larouche and mail fraud

[19:48:45] Brosencrantz: do you read SMBC?
[20:39:18] Vectorplasm: sometimes!!
[22:29:51] Brosencrantz: read today’s
[22:30:23] Brosencrantz: and then
[22:30:24] Brosencrantz:
[22:30:56] Vectorplasm: FFFFFFFff
[22:31:05] Brosencrantz: I got the fucking lockerbie bombing >:|
[22:31:45] Vectorplasm: Time, Inc. and Warner Communications announce plans for a merger, forming Time Warner.
definitely this
[22:31:53] Vectorplasm: The Purley Station rail crash in London leaves 5 dead and 94 injured.
no wait.
[22:32:03] Brosencrantz: from what I’ve heard of your dad
[22:32:05] Brosencrantz: I don’t want to comment


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