requiescat in partes


Tonight I mourn Delanice the Dell Venue Pro, given to me 26-09-2011 and tragically snatched away by a fall onto a laptop charger 14-04-2013.


We had some good times together, girl.

(This is incredibly annoying, but has the small silver lining that I can now get a phone with a grown-up OS.)


3 thoughts on “requiescat in partes

    1. This is at least correct Latin! That was a 2am mindfart. I’m thinking probably a Droid 4 or some other Android slider. More than tired of Windows Phone, and I’m not compromising on hardware keyboards if I don’t have to.

      1. Can you even buy the Droid 4 outside of America, as it’s a Verizon creation? I’d highly recommend having a look at the gesture typing keyboard in Android 4.2, as it is faster for me than a physical keyboard and allows for a much wider range of potential smartphone purchases. Specifically, I’d suggest the Nexus 4 as it is powerful, inexpensive, and stock Android.

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