conquerors and concubines and conjurers from darker times

The first username I ever really had on the internet, from ages 14-17 (so everything associated with the name is loathsome teenage crap and I refuse to stand by it) was Wraithlord42, the first part of which is a Warhammer thing and the second part of which is not a Douglas Adams reference but a reference to The Sum I Got Faster Than Everyone, 6*7=42 (we played something called Maths Gladiators in primary school, and that was the one I always got faster than anyone.) That served on my LJ and various other places for a long time.

Running largely alongside that was the even more embarrassingly terrible “Sausageman10”, which was my Runescape account name back in the day (my little bro came up with it; I usurped the account from him). Playing Runescape with my old clan, TBE (which is, amazingly, still alive) everyone just called me “Sausage”, and I tended to play very tankishly. At one point someone called me “sausagetank” and I for some reason translated that into German to yield the much less ridiculous-sounding “Panzerwurst”.

I also had fanart.

I also had fanart.

In 2007, thoroughly sick of both the Livejournal name “Wraithlord42” and all the daft teenage bullshit I’d now associated with it (including the account through which I got that glorious hit of validation from someone liking my writing, and where I met the lady who’s now my girlfriend, and the livejournal account through which I made some of my best and oldest internet friends) I changed it. The desire to Not Have This Name was far more evident than the desire to have any other name in particular, and the replacement – “Odontomachus”, part of the Latin name of the trap-jaw ant (one of the coolest ants in creation, something I became aware of through the National Geographic back issues we had lying around in my primary school library). It was never really a satisfactory name, and I always wanted to change it. I dabbled in being LBO/Largebluntobject in 2008-9 on TV Tropes and GiantITP, but I’ve left the name – and those sites – behind, without regrets and without nostalgia.

Then, in mid-2010, amidst the gathering storm of hype for Portal 2, Bill (Havokroft/Hovercraft) and I – who had over the previous couple of years gradually become COGS’ premier power couple – watched a video talking about the two robots in the co-op mode, which described them as “like a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern pair, popping in and out of the action”, and-

*[COGS] Panzerwurst is now known as [COGS] Brosencrantz
*[COGS] Havokroft is now known as [COGS] Guildenbot

Which wasn’t the first of our many novelty names – (0v0) Ace Blackvest and (0v0) Beard McOldman, (cO/) Teasencrantz and (cO/) Havercuppa*, Mavercraft and Goosencrantz, Sweet Brosen and Hover Jeff, to name but a few – but it just stuck, from there to Tumblr to here and now, and I like it.

* It’s a teapot.


One thought on “conquerors and concubines and conjurers from darker times

  1. 24vintagest says:

    Ah, the memories of the Wraithlord42 days. And let us not forget Birdie Num Num ;)

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