“on a frolic of his own” (3/6)

The number of great bus-themed stupidity torts that came up in Employer’s/Vicarious Liability is amazing.
Beard v London Omnibus – conductor with delusions of grandeur running over pedestrians.
Limpus v London Omnibus – bus drivers drag racing.
Keppel Bus Co v Saab Bin Ahmad – bus conductor twats a passenger over the head with his ticket machine.

…after exams I’m going to watch On the Buses. By which I mean watch about half an episode of On the Buses, realise that absolutely everything about it is rubbish, and go and rewatch The Wire instead, because it’s been too long.

The original plan was to go home and revise in the afternoon after each exam, giving us a day and a half of straight prep for each, but we found we were both much too knackered after Con & Ad to do more than an hour’s work, so didn’t even try after Contract, instead going off to the cinema to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness with Misha. (Verdict: like its 2009 predecessor, fun and glossy but not intelligent. Lots of bitty little gifset moments, lots of minor character flourishes, lots of silly plotholes and overwrought scenes, but ultimately the same dumb extended-chase-sequence plot as every generic movie ever. Though Benedict Cumberbatch did the whole “contemptuous ubermensch” thing jolly well; I hate to be One Of Those People, but he’s actually quite a good actor. If you want a proper review, Mr Reeve wrote a good one.)

That aside, it’s been a mess of cramming, flashcards, cabin fever, overeating, chuckling at lines on this page, and mispronouncing case names til we laugh ourselves sick in fits of law student hysteria. (“Cuwwoden?” “Wiwwiams.” “Damn, that was a good move. I’ve got to… no. Fuck. Checkmate :(“) It reminds me of the adrenaline mess that was first year’s exam period, before I learned to confine the panicked pressure-rush to the schwerpunkt of the actual exam paper and got to basically relax for the entirety of third term.

It’s still strange, picking out topics and cramming a few very specific until I know them back to front and in my sleep to the point that I get nightmares about Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball. It all puts the rest of the year under a doubtful light, all the book-grinding and shamming and and uncertainty in class. But I suppose if I’d been told that I was only doing these three subjects for the exam, it would make no difference, because I want to know the law – that’s half the point of the course. And boiling it all down into just eighteen hours of exams (plus the take-home coursework, the MCT, the CAT, the SAT…) is a necessary compromise for a one-year course; no human could actually learn all our topics to assessment-grade quality; just eighteen is a hell of a stretch. And from what I gather, actual three-year law degrees don’t get assessed much more completely than this.

Contract… Contract went alright. I think. I didn’t really shine anywhere, and while Remedies and Terms & Exemption Clauses were perfectly competent I think I messed up Offer & Acceptance a bit. Again, I’m absolutely positive it was pass-worthy, but no idea if it was worth 65% or 45%. For Tort on Friday, I’d bet my first two answers actually were commendation-tier, so slickly and completely did the parts prepared in my mind fall into place for Employers’/Vicarious Liability and Nuisance, but I still wouldn’t bet on anything given my answer for Occupiers’ Liability, which was as mushy and disjointed as a pileup in a trifle factory. So I’m still a bit all over the place, in a weird sort of ambition-limbo where I don’t know at all if I’m getting a pass or a commendation, so half the time I’m filled with “YEAH I CAN GET THE COMMENDATION, LET’S DO THIS” drive and half “meh, I’m definitely good enough to get a pass with what I’m doing, why stress myself out by burning the candle at both ends? this qualification is a box-ticking exercise.”

It’s a funny old conflict of pride and passivity, and it doesn’t really matter either way: I already have the degree and the CV brimful of the shit the HR people say they like; I don’t need more ammo for the job applications, because the problem isn’t a lack of good-quality munitions, it’s that the targets are bulletproof.

The box is halfway ticked now, and I’m on the upstroke. Eleven days to go.


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