not your kind of people

[19:53:22] Premasiri:
[19:53:37] Brosencrantz: “the bad boy of pro-gaming”
[19:53:38] Brosencrantz: ahahahaha
[19:53:41] Brosencrantz: this will be hilarious
[19:53:55] Hovercraft: “One day videogames will be an Olympic event.”
[19:53:56] Hovercraft: no
[19:54:13] Premasiri: It’s purple and patronising and written by someone with apparently little actual understanding of esports, as can be expected
[19:54:20] Brosencrantz: god I hate journalists
[19:54:25] Premasiri: but it’s also in the guardian, and at least attempted thorough research
[19:54:48] Premasiri: so while it’s a poor representation, at least it’s a public representation
[19:55:48] Demsale: ” but was one of the most dominant Zergs in Starcraft II.”
[19:55:51] Demsale: he fucking wishes
[19:56:00] Premasiri: no
[19:56:08] Premasiri: that bit’s not exaggeration
[19:56:23] Premasiri: it was a shortlived and mainly down to the lack of competition rather than his own brilliance
[19:56:30] Premasiri: but for a few months he was the best
[19:56:36] Demsale: …early beta?
[19:56:37] Brosencrantz: you know that epiphany moment you get when you’ve spent a childhood reading newspapers you found randomly and going “oh man I’m so informed this is so cool and authoritative”
[19:56:45] Brosencrantz: and then for the first time
[19:56:56] Brosencrantz: you read a newspaper article on something you actually know a lot about
[19:57:04] Brosencrantz: and you’re like “but that’s WRONG you fucking STUPIDHEAD”
[19:57:28] Brosencrantz: and then you realise that almost all journalism is of that standard
[19:57:28] Premasiri: yeah
[19:57:54] Brosencrantz: because it’s written people who know about newspapers, not about the actual topic
[19:58:02] Brosencrantz: it’s people trying to be jacks-of-all-trade at knowledge and almost always failing
[19:58:04] Brosencrantz: fuck journalism
[19:58:38] Premasiri: but then on the other hand, even more specialised stuff, such as slasher’s esports journalism, where he IS an expert on what he writes about
[19:58:43] Premasiri: is no better
[19:59:12] Premasiri: so yes, fuck journalism, but not fuck journalists just because they’re not experts on what they might be paid to write about
[19:59:31] Demsale: jesus christ
[19:59:46] Demsale: JESUS CHRIST
[20:00:32] Premasiri: you need to get off the internet
[20:01:31] Brosencrantz: well yeah, and most expert scientific stuff or other esoteric, specialised opinion is mostly written by myopic fucks incapable of seeing that any field other than theirs can have any salience
[20:01:33] Brosencrantz: cf: me and war
[20:02:51] Brosencrantz: clearly, the only solution is to not believe anything you read and go instead with your own knee-jerk/gut feeling which is naturally based on your own specific and largely skewed life experiences and the ingrained prejudices of the culture that raised you
[20:02:59] Brosencrantz: brb starting a social commentary blog
[20:03:28] Premasiri: better hop on the fixie bike to get to starbucks
[20:03:33] Premasiri: can’t write it on my macbook till I’m there


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