“yo mama so fat she’s a dominant AND a servient tenement” (6/6)


Land went terribly. I went in with a statute book full of its own weight in highlighter ink and rainbow tags, and felt like I couldn’t remember anything: not structure, not rules, not cases. It was all a bit of a shambolic mess, and I ran out of time on the Co-Ownership question; I’d say it’s still even money that I passed on the strength [possibly not the right word] of my Easements and Freehold Covenants answers, but only barely. I think it was burnout, really: I was just knackered beyond belief, and my poor overstuffed mind couldn’t take any more. Talking to other GDL students afterwards indicated quite a few of them felt the same. So it was a bad way to end, but hey.

After the exam we all went back to my place to celebrate, via Sainsbury’s to stock up on masses of booze and meat. Despite valiant efforts by skilled pyromancer Budge LJ and the purchase of a bottle of firestarting gel, we couldn’t get the barbecue to work, so ended up just using the oven to prep burgers and sausages, which were enjoyed on the terrace in the beautiful afternoon sun. The weather has been glorious this week – already the sun is bleaching blonde highlights into my hair (they’re natural, shut up), and it really feels like summer’s come out to celebrate the end of the GDL with us.

Six hours and a considerable amount of alcohol later, it all got a bit stereotypical, and the night finished with tucking shivering paralytics under blankets and picking vomit out of the carpet. But it was mostly very civilised and great fun, and the more sober of us performed as stoically and dutifully under chaotic adversity as you would expect from wannabe commercial lawyers. Use this in interviews, chaps.

Exams are over; it’s just the piece-of-piss SAT and CAT to go, and then two months of holidays and other things I’m really going to enjoy. The sun is shining, and I am demob happy.


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