“shouldn’t have come here, stalker. now you will be worm food.”

(in which more Call of Pripyat is played, and Google translate is creepy)

[18:29:30] Brosencrantz: oh wow, that was great
[18:29:48] Brosencrantz: the mission where you have to rescue mitay from the cunt bandits in the container stacks
[18:30:13] Brosencrantz: I was planning on going, saying I was going to ransom him and getting to the boss, then killing everyone from the inside
[18:30:33] Brosencrantz: asked a stalker to walk me over, cos I felt lazy
[18:30:41] Brosencrantz: didn’t realise that when you do that, three loners spawn with you when you appear
[18:30:52] Brosencrantz: so they did
[18:30:56] Brosencrantz: in front of the huge camp of bandits
[18:31:05] Brosencrantz: who’re neutral to you, but hostile to loners
[18:31:23] Brosencrantz: the loners all got shot down in basically nothing flat, their leader wounded, the other two dead
[18:31:42] Brosencrantz: I gave him a medkit and he, now green for friendly, proceeded to slaughter the bandits with his G3
[18:31:48] Brosencrantz: I thought what the hell and joined in
[18:31:54] Brosencrantz: we cleared out half the camp
[18:32:47] Brosencrantz: fought our way to the middle, I turned my back to go and kill the boss and save mitay
[18:32:58] Brosencrantz: when I turned back the loner was dead, but so were all but two of the bandits
[18:33:03] Brosencrantz: RIP Anton Wind, you were a good bro
[20:02:20] Hovercraft: ;_;
[20:04:55] Hovercraft: that’s the mission I was doing when we did that chatlog you later blogged
[20:04:57] Brosencrantz: yeah
[20:05:45] Hovercraft: He is Duty’s trader in the events of Clear Sky and has gained an infamous reputation amongst the faction for his tactlessness to everyone, even to his fellow Duty members -which is evident as he is annoyed every time Scar comes to talk to him. Scar regarded him as a “shithead” when he conversed with Major Zvyaginstev and the Major regarded him as their “local dumbass”
[20:06:34] Hovercraft: this is my kind of character detail
[20:07:03] Hovercraft: not “his blood type is actually O- but the patch on his suit says AB+ lol”
[20:08:16] Hovercraft: ooh, let’s see if that weird vaguely erotic description of one dutyer is still on the wiki
[20:08:20] Brosencrantz: wait, HE’S the asshole I rescued?
[20:08:36] Hovercraft: apparently
[20:08:41] Brosencrantz: that shithead was always giving me attitude when I tried to buy ammo off him in agroprom
[20:08:48] Brosencrantz: should have let him die
[20:09:02] Hovercraft: “Up to the events of Call of Pripyat, Mitay appears to have left the Duty faction (since his attitude was highly frowned upon by Duty members) and joined up with the regular stalkers. According to stalkers, he was one of the first stalkers to reach Yanov station and retrofitted the train station to allow residence and withstand emissions.”
[20:09:52] Hovercraft: “Mitay also refers to Grizzly and Torba as “Bear” and “Bags” in some translations, even if their names are still Grizzly and Torba.”
[20:09:55] Hovercraft: pffffff
[20:11:05] Hovercraft: http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Major_Zvyaginstev it IS
[20:12:29] Hovercraft: gamedata\configs\gameplay\character_desc_agroprom.xml, agr_weaponmaster, apparently
[20:12:41] Hovercraft: I’m checking that when I get home
[20:18:22] Brosencrantz:
– – agr_weaponmaster_name ui_npc_u_dolg_2_mask

Плотный мужчина 30-35 лет с полными губами и круглыми глазами. Одет в парку с капюшоном, поверх капюшона очки на резинке. Низкий голос, прямой взгляд, немного нахальное поведение.
[20:18:32] Brosencrantz: does that translate into full lips and round eyes?
[20:18:57] Brosencrantz: “Thick man 30-35 years with full lips and round eyes. Dressed in a park with a hood on top of the hood with elastic glasses. Low voice, direct view, a bit brash behavior.”
[20:19:10] Hovercraft: I got
[20:19:11] Hovercraft: Burly man 30-35 years with full lips and round eyes. Dressed in a park with a hood on top of the hood with elastic glasses. Low voice, direct view, a bit brash behavior.
[20:19:25] Hovercraft: is google personalising our translation results?
[20:19:31] Brosencrantz: …
[20:19:35] Brosencrantz: apparently
[20:19:39] Hovercraft: does it know that you like them thick whereas I like them burly?
[20:19:48] Brosencrantz: creepy
[20:20:12] Hovercraft: clicking on “burly”, “thick” isn’t even one of the alternatives
[20:20:35] Hovercraft: it’s a choice of “burly man”, “stout man” or “the burly man”
[20:20:57] Hovercraft: also now I want to see any other bios in that file
[20:22:24] Hovercraft: Êðåïêèé ìóæ÷èíà 35-40 ëåò, óñàòûé è íåìíîãî íàâåñåëå. Íèçêèé ãðîìêèé ãîëîñ.
[20:22:28] Hovercraft: notepad++ is bad at this
[20:26:05] Brosencrantz: saved topol’s squad \o/
[20:26:09] Brosencrantz: my 7.62 galil is fucking ace
[20:26:11] Brosencrantz: I like this mod
[20:26:18] Brosencrantz: I’d carry a FAL but you can’t fit scopes to it
[20:26:19] Hovercraft: Chubby young guy. Nice and calm fighter, a devotee of “duty.”
[20:27:00] Hovercraft: Kommandir military base Debt
[20:27:22] Hovercraft: Silent, sullen stalker bad going on contact. Says profound short phrases, but not solemnly.
[20:27:43] Hovercraft: “The soul of the company,” whose leaders have chosen for the ability to find all approach. Big, strong, confident, cheerful and nezlobny.
[20:27:46] Hovercraft: oh good
[20:27:49] Hovercraft: nezlobny dudes are the best
[20:28:04] Brosencrantz: what’s nezlobny mean?
[20:28:14] Brosencrantz: does it say “swole” to you and “busty” to me?
[20:28:21] Hovercraft: zlobny means angry, and ne is the negation
[20:28:50] Brosencrantz: also pff, I’m in the ecologists’ bunker and an emission just started
[20:28:55] Brosencrantz: topol’s team and the mercs file dutifully inside
[20:29:02] Brosencrantz: a merc is just sitting on the toilet
[20:29:03] Brosencrantz: chillin’
[20:29:09] Hovercraft: Male, 22-25 years old, is a serious and well-versed in matters of stalking.
[20:29:21] Hovercraft: holy shit that’s excellent phrasing
[20:29:35] Hovercraft: except for the extraneous a
[20:30:01] Hovercraft: 18-20 years young guy with deep voice. Bit cheeky. Wants to look older, so trying to look grim and serious. Sociable, nezlobny.
[20:30:22] Hovercraft: hostage
[20:30:25] Hovercraft: …okay
[20:30:52] Hovercraft: there’s two of those
[20:31:05] Hovercraft: Mechanic mechanic. 45-50 years, hands forever in oil, so keep them away from the body spread wide apart. Silent brutal.
[20:31:06] Hovercraft: o_o


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